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Jun. 5th, 2011

Fastest Hunk of Junk in the Galaxy


Prompt for June!

Okay, so we've gone a bit without a prompt again, but I'm going to go ahead and start us on a new one!

This month's theme is Trapped and/or Escape.

Deadline is Sunday, July 3rd.

Hope to it, folks!

Apr. 18th, 2011



April Prompt!

Here's my entry for the Growth prompt!

Behind Door 1Collapse )

Apr. 12th, 2011



The Miller's Daughter - rough draft

Rough draft.
approx 4,100 words.
Edits and feedback would be greatly appreciated. You can either post 'em or edit directly to a document. I can e-mail you the document if that'd be easier. Up to you!
Due for the prompt!

...and apparently it's too long. If you're interested, reply and I'll e-mail it to you.





Apr. 10th, 2011



Extension: Eats, Shoots and Leaves prompt

Hey guys, I know we have a prompt due tomorrow but I (at least) won't be ready. So I'm offering a week extension. I knew the timing was tight from go, and I figure if nothing else we can enjoy a little more time.

If you'd like to post tomorrow, though, if you're ready--that's awesome!

- lazy maintainer is lazy

Apr. 5th, 2011



How to Steal Like an Artist

Hey all! I know I've shared this with some of you already, but I found this article (via the Drawn! blog) and thought I should post it up for sharing and posterity. It's called How to Steal Like an Artist (And 9 Other Things Nobody Told Me) and is aimed at creatives in general - so both writing and art, not just art.

So take a look Here! (and up there)

Mar. 21st, 2011



And here we resume.

Just a post to notify all participants that we're going back to posting with themes and deadlines. As always, if you have a theme you'd like to see listed, let me know.
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Feb. 7th, 2011

doesn't mean what you think


Short story writing markets!

I'm getting ready to warm up with a short story, so I thought I'd post what I know.

1. Submit top down. You won't know where it could be published until you try it!

2. Submit the whole story.

3. No simultaneous submissions. Only submit one place at a time! (Yes, this will be slow.)

4. Beware of black holes.

5. Never submit somewhere that charges YOU money.

6. Oh--and read lots of short stories to get a feel for pacing, simplicity/streamlining, what's been done already, etc.

Rules above thanks to Eric James Stone.

micro fiction -  250 words
    flash fiction - 1k
    Up to 7500 words is short story
    Novelette - up to 17k
    Novella - 40k
    Novel 40k and above  

(that are famous enough that an on-again off-again short story enthusiast such as yours truly knows about :p)

L. Ron Hubbard Contest. - SF&F&Horror. 17,000 words or less.  ALWAYS submit here first. Top-down, man.

Asimov's. - SF&F. (Traditionally : Award-winning SF). 20,000 words or less.

Clarkesworld. - SF&F&Horror. (Highest paying after L. Ron Hubbard).  8,000 words or less.

Strange Horizons - SF&F&Horror. 9,000 words or less. With a very handy list of what sorts of stories they've seen too much.

Science Fiction & Fantasy. - SF&F. (Traditionally: More literary).  25,000 words or less.

Analog. - (Typically Hard) SF. Up to 20k, prefers 4k.

Baen's Universe.

Weird Tales.

Leading Edge - SF&F. 15,000 words or less. 10k sweet spot.

OSC's Intergalactic Medicine Show. -SF&F. No word limit.

Of course, Duotrope also exists and steals my thunder, but I'm needing to be increasingly visual...

- - -

ETA another online-only.

Lightspeed Magazine. SF. (New!) 7500 word max. 
her sister magazine for fantasy is Fantasy Magazine.  Boring name! But okay :P

Tor.com pays extreeeemely well. 12k recommended, 17k max.

Jun. 9th, 2009



EXISTENCE! - X-posted from my normal journal.

Warning - Large file behind cut.

May. 11th, 2009

Ohgee megwings!


LIST! It's late, it's late!

Ok, so... I'm not cool and sophisticated like all you alls, so my list quickly started sounding dumb.

...Uh... trees and uh... like... boobs.


Ok so, instead of trying to make a poetic, fancy list, I'm just gonna post some themes. ...These still won't make me look classy, but I tried. XD (K-CHAN I RIPPED OFF YOUR FORMAT)

Portals (now you're thinking with them!): Also, any and all ways of falling through one world and ending up in another. The vast majority of my early stories focus on this concept - mainly moving in the direction of from our world to another, which is a lot more fantastical and interesting than I tend to think of ours as.

Also, worlds merging, individuals being able to sense/experience multiple worlds at once, worlds existing behind and alongside our own, hidden to the uninitiated.

Nature: Also geology, ecology, meteorology, and since it fits better here than anywhere else, astronomy. The way the world looks just drives me crazy, especially in the wild places. Walking through a crazy forest or driving in the desert automatically makes my brain start putting characters into the landscape and invent crazy reasons for them to be there. So that's good! I really like utterly inhospitable and otherwise uninhabited places, and cultures that find crazy ways and reasons to live there anyway.

Landscapes like the sacred places in Utah and New Mexico - all those huge mesas and arches and red and orange stone and a sky too huge for words and big old canyons... Big nature things in general - huge trees, enormous rivers, caverns... things that dwarf people

Mythological beasties and persons: Yep yep, you know it. Dragons, unicorns, gryphons, minotaur, pixies, fauns, nymphs, the spirits in things like rocks and trees and clouds. I like kind of trying to put my own spin on the old things, or keeping the old things exactly the same and fitting them into a modern world, when it's possible. Which isn't even original but you know it's fun anywho.

Things that turn into other things: Like shifters! Especially when this happens to people who don't want/expect it to happen to them - that is all kinds of angsty fun.

Vampires and, to a slightly lesser degree, werewolves YES I DON'T CARE I LIKE THEM ANYWAY.

The concept of going evil and coming back: I first fell in love with this in... I don't even remember what it was. Maybe a Nimh sequel, it was some animated thing with mice and one went FREAKIN' CRAZY and tried to kill everything but then he came back and turned good and I always get this awesome feeling from that kind of dynamic, which is really more than a big morbid and cruel because then the character has to look at all the horror and harm she/he's caused and THAT'S no fun. For them. :p

DRUGS: Things that alter minds, addictions, hallucinations, trances, gritty back alley deals, compromises to get that next hit. Conspiracies of big corporations secretly distributing drugs, drugs coming in from other worlds, drugs that do more than just trip you out. Oh, and stoners. I think they make great heroes. ;p

SPACE: THE FINAL FRONTEER OF... YOUR FACE. Ok no. But seriously... space. I have a Sci-Fi called Trax that I'd really really like to finish someday, I just love the genre and all the crazy cool things you can do with it. Bizarre planets, awesome cultures, crazy monsters... SPACE SHIPS, tech, STARS... I like both the reaslitic SF where it's stuff that could concievably happen and the more out there kind with like... space whales. :p IT'S ALL AWESOME.

And I guess now that I've gone there I'll have to mention Fantasy: High, urban, mythological, whatever. I especially like smashing together high fantasy and urban fantasy and seeing what happens, and I REALLY like making myth stuff into urban fantasy. I have a background project about Native American mythology which was really amazingly fun to work on, I'd like to get back to that too. But I also definitely will go back to my first love and the reason I want to be an author in the first place, which is high fantasy. Your typical running around swinging a sword dragons and princesses thing. But my way. :p

Zombies: Does this need any explanation? Needs moar zombie survival stories, imo.

Love: Or rather, the lack thereof. Love stories that don't work out, one-sided love, love that ruins the story instead of giving it its little blaze of glory at the end. I KNOW RIGHT, what a sadist!

Epic journeys At the end of a story, I tend to want my character to have come a loooong way. By the same token, I tend to try to stay away from the whole, at the beginning of the story she is a farmgirl, at the end of the story she is the QUEEN OF EVERYTHING. It's hard to avoid that probably, but I wouldn't know because I never finish anything. XD

A little list of things
marbles and shiny stones and pebbles
ruins and abandoned places
bags and kits
knives and swords
secret passages and mazes
fancy pens
the ocean, for that matter
things with defined edges - here is the jungle, BAM here is an abyss
Weird animals like giraffes and platypi
clothing specifically for extreme weather


May. 10th, 2009



Prompt: Goals [Respond in Comments]

Ha, you thought you were done with that last prompt. (And if you haven't posted your list yet, POST!)

Think about your goals.

-What artistic goals do you have for yourself in the short-term? (Within the next month.)
-What goals do you have for yourself in the mid-term? (Say, next three months.)
-What goals do you have for the long term? (Within the next year.)

Obviously, your goals can take a variety of forms. Think about:

-Do you have a specific project you're working on?
-Do you want to sell a story or a piece of art?
-Is there a program you're interested in participating in, and need to prepare a portfolio for?
-Is there a habit you'd like to develop?
-Is there a personal issue that's preventing you from being effective in your creative work? What is it?
-Is there a skill you want to learn?
-Are there goals this community can help you to achieve? What are they, and how can we help?

Please consider what you want to accomplish, within the next year, in your creative work. Consider the large and the small, the off-beat and the usual (for you!)

Please do not use this activity to set yourself unrealistic goals. We can do a pie-in-the-sky-someday prompt here soon, but this activity is really about identifying goals that are feasible, and committing to working toward them. So please also take into account any real-life demands on your time and energy, and respect those.

What I would like to do is to take these goals and set up check-ins where we each post with our progress. It cannot hurt us to hold each other accountable for our goals: indeed, that's half the purpose of this community.

Next, I'd like to encourage you all to think of friends and other individuals in your circles who might benefit from this community. If anyone comes to mind, please direct them to me and this community; we'll refer the issue of admitting them to a vote, or develop a procedure for admitting new members as necessary. Again, although I know at present writers outnumber media artists, Grey Journal exists for artists in all mediums, and some of you who are multi-talented should feel free to post outside your comfort-zone.

Finally, a personal word.

Over the last year this community has been quiet, when not largely defunct. I'm sorry for that: you all know the song and dance about intentions. But I'm now unemployed and I have internet, and this makes me dangerous.

1. Expect an increase in prompts and non-mandatory activities.
2. Expect some procedural changes in keeping with my goals for the community, and yours.
3. Expect programs and events "outside" the community, taking place on Gtalk, Skype or AIM. These may include editing round-tables and online "chats."
4. For these reasons, I encourage you to create a filter or a feed for Grey Journal material, or be prepared to check in here often. If you have a large Friend's list, you may miss out on discussions otherwise.

Okay! That's everything, I think. Get typing, gang.

ETA: The suggestion has been mooted that we have a weekly checkup on goals. I'm nominating Monday, because it's otherwise insidious and seems like an appropriate checkpoint.

Does this suit everyone?

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