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kwynnsar in thegreyjournal

Short story writing markets!

I'm getting ready to warm up with a short story, so I thought I'd post what I know.

1. Submit top down. You won't know where it could be published until you try it!

2. Submit the whole story.

3. No simultaneous submissions. Only submit one place at a time! (Yes, this will be slow.)

4. Beware of black holes.

5. Never submit somewhere that charges YOU money.

6. Oh--and read lots of short stories to get a feel for pacing, simplicity/streamlining, what's been done already, etc.

Rules above thanks to Eric James Stone.

micro fiction -  250 words
    flash fiction - 1k
    Up to 7500 words is short story
    Novelette - up to 17k
    Novella - 40k
    Novel 40k and above  

(that are famous enough that an on-again off-again short story enthusiast such as yours truly knows about :p)

L. Ron Hubbard Contest. - SF&F&Horror. 17,000 words or less.  ALWAYS submit here first. Top-down, man.

Asimov's. - SF&F. (Traditionally : Award-winning SF). 20,000 words or less.

Clarkesworld. - SF&F&Horror. (Highest paying after L. Ron Hubbard).  8,000 words or less.

Strange Horizons - SF&F&Horror. 9,000 words or less. With a very handy list of what sorts of stories they've seen too much.

Science Fiction & Fantasy. - SF&F. (Traditionally: More literary).  25,000 words or less.

Analog. - (Typically Hard) SF. Up to 20k, prefers 4k.

Baen's Universe.

Weird Tales.

Leading Edge - SF&F. 15,000 words or less. 10k sweet spot.

OSC's Intergalactic Medicine Show. -SF&F. No word limit.

Of course, Duotrope also exists and steals my thunder, but I'm needing to be increasingly visual...

- - -

ETA another online-only.

Lightspeed Magazine. SF. (New!) 7500 word max. 
her sister magazine for fantasy is Fantasy Magazine.  Boring name! But okay :P

Tor.com pays extreeeemely well. 12k recommended, 17k max.