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thegreyjournal's Journal

The Grey Journal
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To engage, challenge, and support artists of all media.
This is a closed community that seeks to cultivate friendships between artists and to promote artistic production in a rich variety of disciplines.

Membership in this community is by invitation only, to keep the community friendly and of a manageable size. For this reason, invitations will be extended only on the recommendation of current members. We do ask that new members make an introductory post, including some sort of portfolio --a few chapters, a link to a Deviant gallery, something so that members of the community can see what you're all about as a craftsperson.

Members are expected to reply to each month's prompt, or else to promptly declare a bye. Please make an effort to participate in at least as many months as you elect to skip. This community needs participants' input to succeed.

Independent of the monthly prompts, we welcome any thoughts, questions, links, resources, or other contributions on artistic themes by members.

When posting a response to a prompt, it is the poster's privilege to specify the kinds of feedback they would like, and the community's responsibility to respond within the given constraints. Personal attacks will never be acceptable: ditto generalizations. This community exists as a helping resource, not a soapbox for artistic bias --of whatever kind.

Disrespectful behavior or gross absenteeism will result in removal from the community. We are sincere about maintaining a positive, supportive, generative environment.

For more information contact the community maintainer arantzain and leave a message: she'll get back to you as promptly as she is able.

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Below is a suggested form for posting, exactly as you'll need to cut and paste it, plus a few spaces.

< b>Title of Piece:</b>
< b>Genre:</b>
< b>Creator:</b>
< b>FYI/Critique/Concerns:</b>